Tuesday, February 5, 2013

music video gossip

Hey there guys it is mizan again this time with my feelings on some music videos I have watched recently. First some Ellie Goulding videos. First Anything can happen I think that you should not have shaved you head on one side it looks very bad to my. I also think the video is kind of weird and it does not go with the song at all. Second I think that the video for lights is very cool you look great Ellie and that Is my thought see you next time. Tell your friends to tell there friends and so on goodbye.

It's time for song

Hey there guys it is me there Mizan, today I will be talking about singing. I myself sing allot it is relaxing to me and I hope you would like it to.  I know lots of songs and you can to. I recommend the songs Catch My breath by Kelly clarkson, Anything can happen by Ellie Goulding, I knew you were trouble by Taylor swift, Beauty and a beat by Justin Bieber, and other hits like that. If you have satellite radio for your car you should listen to hits one. If you here a hit that you haven't herd before and that you like, look at you radio find the name and the artist and look it up on you tube when you get back to your house. If you are planning to do this you should probably bring a notebook to write down all the songs you found. Look at the lyrics of the song that you have written down. If you can memories some of the songs enter in a local talent show if you have one.