Friday, August 29, 2014

Party planning coordinator

Hey guys so I am starting a business come and plan parties with me! I will help plan parties for you, or surprise parties for you loved ones any type of birthday party I will help you plan. Look below for details.


Party planning coordinator


©   Party planning from first to sixteenth birthday.

©   Email me at to plan a party.

©   Call me at 561-460-5373 to discuss details

©   Party planning prices range from $15 dollars to $40 dollars an hour.

©   I also give information on good places to buy items like party favors and decorations.

©   I need to be informed about parties a month or more  in advance.

©   I am available after five o'clock on weekdays and from 12-5 on weekends

©   I will tell you the final cost of all parties.