Monday, May 19, 2014

Answer these questions by the number in the comments!!

  1. Does he laugh when you don' t really make jokes that are funny.
  2. Does he always want to hang around you.
  3. Does he openly like you.
  4. Does he ever gently touch you or your hair.
  5. How does he react to you around his friends.

The Beautiful Violin

Hey there guys it is me again Mizan. Today I will tell you about the violin. It is a beautiful instrument . I would know I have my own. They are one of the most beautiful string instruments, in my opinion. When it is played it sounds like song it is so beautiful. When I first played it I could not make any sound because I did  not know how to prepare the bow properly.  When I figured out how to play my teacher said that I was really good. So I started practicing everyday. And know I sound really really good.   But a violin is not just an instrument it is a friend. The violin is beautiful and it sounds so graceful. It is a blessing to play the violin is an art.

Miley Cyrus: OMG What is up with this girl?!?!

Have you seen Miley Cyrus lately she is getting to the breaking point. She is going to end up a tragic story like Michel Jackson. She has been taking so many drugs that she could have a heart attack and die.  She has been going crazy with all of her music videos and how inappropriate they are. What if children start following her and trying not drugs and alcohol. She needs help and she should be sent to rehab.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Samantha & Samthea

I have two turtles. Their names are in the title. I have had them for over a year that is the longest I have ever had a pet. My fish always die before I can have them for three months. I think that turtles are a really good pet to have. They are pretty low maintenance. But just for your benefit I will tell you they need their cages cleaned once or twice a week. They only need to be fed once or twice a day. My turtles have grown so much but they are still very cute. One warning do not scare the turtles or make them angry because they can sometimes bite you if you anger them. But in conclusion turtles are very easy. You can an should take them out side for twice a week walks. The turtles I was speaking about are red eared sliders.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Polls for everyone :)

 What is you favorite fruit?

 (a) watermelon
 (b) apple
 (c) banana 
 (d) other

 Put your answer in the comment box please (if your answer is other please put your real answer in the comment box please!) :)

                                              What is your favorite genera of music

(a) pop
(b) alternative rock
(c) dance

 Put your answer in the comment box please (if your answer is other please put your real answer in the comment box please!):)

Sorry I have not been blogging so much but I am trying to blog at least once every week so you should keep your eyes pealed for new funny blogs.