Friday, November 9, 2012

Here is a creative and cool poem about how smoking is bad.
"I swiped my grandma's cigarettes,
I didn't dare to tell her,
then Lumpy, Tony, Will and me
snuck down into the cellar.

We slipped inside the storage room
And bolted shut the latch.
I gave us each a cigarette
and Tony struck a match.

We lit them up together
And boldly took a puff.
We found out very quickly
That one would be enough.

We coughed and wheezed and sputtered
As we breathed in clouds of smoke,
Will turned white, and lumpy green,
And Tony and I just chocked.

I never want to smoke again
Cause smoking's really dumb.
Next time I feel like smoking,
I think I'll chew gum."
By Jack Preslutsky

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