Sunday, November 11, 2012

My fishy life

Hey there guys it is me again Mizan. Today I am going to tell you all about my fish. All of them have died but I remember them quite well. The first fish I ever had, I got when I was about 4 years old and his name was brownie. He was  a brown fish and he was so cute. I think I got my fish at my aunt's wedding. Any way we had so much fun together. But then one day he stopped eating. Then he just died the day after that.And that is the story of brownie.

The second fish I ever had was wily.My sister and I shared him. But  unfortunately like brownie he died. Unlike brownie he did not stop eating. We had so mush fun with him we danced and sang. He had quite the groove for a fish if you know what I mean. And every time we tried to go to sleep he would tap on his glass but when Adachi sat up right ( very loudly ) in her bed he would stop. He was such an obedient fish. And on the day he died he blew his first bubbles. Adachi and I did not know that it meant he needed air and he was not in an air  tank. But that day when he went to take his last bite of dinner he went to the suffice, opened his mouth, and died. It was so sad.

My last fish's full name was Blue snowball but we just called her snowball. She was a new born when she died I know because I looked at pictures of baby crown tales and they had even grown into their crown tails. every night I went to sleep afraid that I would wake up and she would die. Because they were both beta fish even though the people at the pet store said that they would not kill each other because Adachi had a fish also in the same tank with her. And she was the runt of the two. So one day when we went on our trip we gave her to our friend so she could fish sit. And then  we got the terrible news that she was dead. OK and that is my post don't forget to tell your friends to tell their friends to tell their friends and so on about My blog good bye ;).


  1. What a great way to chronicle your time as a pet owner. Keep writing sweetie, this is good stuff!

  2. Hi Mizan,
    This is so cool... my grandniece is blogging! I am very delighted to read your blog, to learn about softball and your "fishy life." Keep writing because I will be checking in to read all the interesting updates.
    Auntie Annette

  3. hi mizan, what a nice blog! please continue to keep us here in blogland updated on what's going on with you. i look forward to it.
    ps...please tell your mom to update her blog because i am always inspired by her knitting projects!!!
    looking forward to seeing/reading what you've got going next!